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Our Team

Chris Long - CEO - Founder

Chris Long is the founder and operator of Longyards Storage. After
nearly a decade as a carpenter and business owner of Conrad Construction, Chris ventured full-time in the realm of self-storage. Having created the very first Longyards Storage in his hometown of Ottawa, ON, Canada, he emigrated to the United States to pursue the international buildout of the company. He is responsible for the construction, stabilization, and management of the assets.

Meet our team

Seth Saeugling
Corporate Development partner

Seth has a small residential portfolio of long-term rentals. He became hooked on real estate through seeing how you could help people solve their problems and make a great return. He is excited and focused on the next adventure in real estate: scaling the Longyards Storage concept through the Southeast USA. He is responsible for systems building, operations, marketing, and asset management. Seth’s other passion beyond real estate is his non-profit work. Since 2017, Seth has been a co-founder at Rural Opportunity Institute, a small community non-profit focused on supporting people’s healing from trauma. Seth manages fundraising, team building and budgets. He has built a $20 million endowment for rural community development.

Michelle Gordon, CPA,CMA,CPHR,EMBA
Chief Financial Officer

Michelle is a seasoned CFO who works as a strategic partner to the CEO of start-up companies. She also helps companies growing at accelerated speeds to establish efficient financial and business systems that enable them to successfully grow. With almost 20 years working in finance, accounting and HR, she has acquired experience in many industries, including manufacturing, lumber, technology, finance, not-for-profit, government, and agriculture and sustainability. Michelle has held both professional accounting and HR designations, but she has found that her passion lies with helping start-ups achieve success. Her experience also includes Reg A and D financing, OTCQB and TSX Venture, and establishing internal systems and financing to grow start-up companies over $50M+. She was first introduced to Longyards Storage in 2020. She saw the vision of the company and quickly jumped on board. Michelle oversees the Systems, compliance, and Financial management of Longyards Storage.

Elodie Long
Chief operating officer

Elodie Long's Franchise experience leads Longyards growth in the Franchise path, she has been involved since the beginning of one of Canada largest Karate franchise schools. After her business education at College she quickly ventured into Franchise business operations. She is now full time vested in the International buildout of Longyards.

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Longyards Storage!

Are you ready to be your own boss? Do you want to be a part of an innovative and forward-thinking team that focuses on providing better storage solutions to many small businesses? Longyards Storage has the perfect opportunity for you!

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